Victoria's Beautiful C-Section Birth

This was scary. I would be lying to say it was anything else. I was sitting in what I had previously described as my “worst case scenario.” As far as I was concerned, c-section was the last thing I wanted and the thing I feared the most. I had heard horror stories about recovery, and imagined something very different for myself. I quite literally prayed that I would not have one! …. Physical labor was over, but I went into a fierce mental labor that really was a testament to how strong I had become.

Pregnancy Affirmations

Where the mind leads, the body follows. The power of the mind over the body is a pretty incredible force. Most of us, however don’t use the potential of the power of our mind to lead the body where we want it to go. When it comes to pregnancy and birth, women have often been told that the process to motherhood is unnatural. But, one of the best ways to get rid of these lies and speak truths over yourself to change the direction of our mind to teach your body where to follow is Affirmation Meditations.

Isn't My Partner My Doula? 6 Differences Between Your Partner and Your Doula & Why You Need Both

While a doula brings her experience and skill in birth into the birthing space, the partner brings a trusted history and deep love for the birthing mama. For the mom who’s thinking their partner will double as their doula, remember that they may lack the experience and tools to help you have a more comfortable labor and birth. And to the mama or partner who’s worried the doula will fill the partner’s role, know that doulas could never do that. Mama, your partner is invaluable during this process. Rather, the partner and the doula perfectly compliment each other to provide a comforting, confident, fear-free birthing space.

Six Ways for Labor to Progress

You’ve probably heard someone say something about progressing in labor, but what exactly does that mean? How do women “progress in labor”? Well, there’s not just one way to do it. In fact, there are six ways to progress in labor and knowing them will help you understand what medical staff mean when they use the term “progressing in labor” and know how your body is working to make way for baby.

5 Ways To Be Superdad

Becoming a parent can feel overwhelming for both Mom and Dad. There’s a lot of pressure to just know how to do things, and when you don’t, you’ve got a small screaming human there to let you know it. It can sometimes be hard for dads to know how to step into their new and very important role as a father. So, for all you Clark Kents out there, here are 5 ways for you to be Superdad!