Mama, you’re on the verge of an unforgettable,
life-transforming event: Childbirth.

How are you feeling? 

  • Confident?

  • Prepared? 

  • Supported? 

  • Excited? 


If you didn’t check off all those boxes, you’re not alone.
80% of women express some kind of fear or anxiety regarding childbirth.
Nervous? Unsure? Intimidated? Alone?

I SUPPORT you throughout pregnancy and labor To love your birth!

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We identify fears that arise from pregnancy, birth, or motherhood and learn how to eliminate them.

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We craft your birth plan and equip your body and mind to achieve your birth goals.

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We walk together every step of the way, from pregnancy, to birth, to breastfeeding!

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“Having Bridget by my side during my labor had a big impact on my birthing experience. Not only was she a huge support and advocate for me and my baby girl, she was also there for my husband with support and encouragement about how he could be most helpful to me. She was compassionate, caring, and attentive and made me feel confident and empowered!”
— Tess & Evan


At a typical hospital birth, you will encounter six people you are unfamiliar with, whether it be intake personnel, nurses changing shifts, or the on call doctor- all caring for multiple birthing women. As your birth doula, I am there for you, and you only, as one-on-one support and a familiar face coaching you through the challenges of labor.

The most important person on your birth team will be your partner. Often times, however, partners have never experienced birth before and feel in over their heads, unsure of how to best support you. I equip partners with tools and exercises to support and comfort you. In turn, your partner feels useful as they play their irreplaceable role in birth. 

Nervous About Adding a “Stranger” to your Birth Team?

I understand it can be intimidating to invite someone you don’t yet know into your birthing space. I want you to feel comfortable and confident with your birth team. This is why I offer a FREE CONSULTATION to make sure we are a good fit for each other, discuss your goals for your pregnancy and birth, and answer any questions you might have.


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Birth and early childhood development has always captivated my interest…

While living abroad with my family from childhood to adulthood, I became accustomed to interacting with many kinds of people. My mother, having birthed six children, instilled in me from a young age that birth was a holistic, beautiful experience. Having five older siblings meant they all started having babies before me, and by middle school I was attending my sister’s or sister in law’s births. Even as a young girl, the magic surrounding childbirth and the first few moments spent between mother and baby were enchanting. Since childhood I have attended family’s and friend’s births as a labor support person.

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In 2017 I graduated university with a degree in Elementary Education and began teaching right away. For three years I worked with families, particularly mothers and their children to help them thrive educationally, physically, and emotionally. When I got pregnant with my daughter, I was working with special needs children in the Bay Area. Throughout my pregnancy I became obsessed with all things maternity, birth, and postpartum. From proper diet and exercise during pregnancy, to pain coping techniques for labor, and then to breastfeeding, I filled my brain with as much as I could learn.

At eight months pregnant, even as prepared as I was for labor, I knew my husband and I were going to need a doula to advocate, support, and coach me through the incredibly challenging, beautiful experience of childbirth. The personal relationship that I formed with my doula allowed me to feel safe, confident, and empowered to navigate the ins and outs of labor and the initial postpartum period. This first hand experience impassioned me to become a doula and begin supporting women and partners through pregnancy, labor, and parenthood.

I believe you are worthy of a birth team that respects you, a birth space that comforts you, and a birth experience that empowers you! It is my honor to join you and your partner to help you become your most excited, empowered, and confident selves as you take your first steps into parenthood. That first step is taken in the delivery room!

-Bridget Teyler


What does a doula actually DO?
And NOT Do?

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